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I had the privilege of traveling all over the country representing two nationally circulated horse magazines; writing articles and covering events for each of them.  After about 8 years of that I decided I could use my creativity more so with my camera.  That was about 30 years ago and I STILL LOVE photography.  I still write but not to the extent before.  NOW, when I want to 'relax' I grab my camera - truly a passion.   AND when one of my images brings tears to the eyes of my client because I captured THAT moment or garnered thank you notes from the client, it's amazing.  I even got one letter from the Pentagon, Department of the Navy thanking me for creating an image aboard the USS Klakring of Admiral Bishar, his aides, the Commanding Officers from both NAS JAX and Mayport and their aides.  Have to admit, I am still very proud of that!  I also photographed a bride and groom at Marineland, see image above), south of St. Augustine, FL) the management fell in love with and are using it for most of their advertising now.  As I say to anyone who will listen...I LOVE WHAT I DO!!  and fortunately, Best Bets Photos has become so diversified ...WE DO IT ALL!!

THIS image garnered me (Best Bets Photos) a THANK YOU letter from the PENTAGON, Dept. of the Navy.  Because Admiral Bishar (Pakistan) was visiting Mayport, they asked me to take a few shots.  The letter from the Pentagon made it sound like BBP was arranging peace all over the world.  Quite a proud moment for me. I also received requests from the Commanding Officers from both NASJAX and MAYPORT.  Was nice to get those too but the PENTAGON...OH YEAH!!

Best Bets Photos - 30 years experience-WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!

THESE 2 Egrets had been flirting on the jetties.  I guess they weren't really thinking (with their  brains anyway) when they decided to fly somewhere.  Half of them were trying to fly and the other half was trying to impress the other showing off their extra plumage  they grow for breeding season.  I think they were trying to multi-task and didn't quite know how.  A story in itself for sure.   

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